Load coupons directly onto your loyalty card with SavingStar

Photos were posted on 16 Jul 2011 at 2:23pm

I just found the most amazing site that allows you to download coupons directly onto your store’s loyalty card! No clipping, no printing necessary! Now this is what couponing really needs to join the 21st century! SavingStar.com is the site and its free to join. Just put in your email address, create a password and boom, time to find coupons, download them to your loyalty card and go shopping.

There are over 24,000 stores that accept this and I’m sure many more will be added. Currently grocery and drug stores are the only stores participating but again, I think the sky’s the limit with this and most stores will join as this grows.

Here’s how it works: First you have to have a loyalty card for the participating store. In my area only CVS stores and Winn Dixie’s are available. So I get my loyalty card, sit down at the computer, go to Savingstar.com and join for free. Once I have joined, I put in my zip code and it will tell me the stores that participate in my area. Then I enter my loyalty card number for those stores and now I am all set up and can start saving.

Browse around the site and click on the coupon you want loaded onto your loyalty card and instantly it is loaded onto your card. Now when you go shopping at the store at check out time instead of sorting through your coupons, you simply hand the clerk your loyalty card, they swipe it and the coupon is applied. The money does not come off your receipt then and there – what happens is the money is loaded into your card and when you have $5 of savings you can begin getting your money back. You can have your savings deposited directly into your bank account, PayPal account, to an amazon.com gift card or donate your savings to americanforests.org.

Of course, SavingStar is also on Facebook and Twitter so you can begin your savings there.

What a brilliant idea this is – loading coupons onto a card! I love it!

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